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Derive inspiration for the shade of green you select from sources such as your garden or the ocean, or even a piece of jewelry or mint ice cream.

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The intensity of the color and the textures chosen affect how this nature-inspired hue is perceived. But that doesn't mean you need to stick to one shade. Coordinating a few levels of color saturation adds dimension and personality. Warm green has a yellow cast to it and includes shades such as apple or lime green.

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Go for one accent wall behind the bed to punch up a crisp white room. Add natural wood furniture accents and use throw pillows in a lighter or darker shade of the same green on the bed.

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Cool green shades have a blue tone, such as teal or turquoise. Although these shades can be vibrant, you can use a shade that is quite light, such as soft jade, for the walls. Add dark teal ceramic lamps on either side of the bed. Green looks fresh and vibrant partnered with other colors associated with nature.

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One bold use of this color can go a long way. Throw an avocado green wool blanket on the end of the bed in a room with tan walls and framed black and white photographs for a modern feel.

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Layer three shades of green by using a patterned rug with green and white, walls painted jade green and a side chair in emerald green silk. Red is the color opposite green on the color wheel, and these two colors together are a classic. Vary the shades to keep it interesting.

Use a lime green bedspread and add a deep rust colored bed skirt for an exotic feel. Bring in light green and pink for a sweet quality in a guest or child's room.

3 Shades of Green

Dark hunter green and cherry red is reminiscent of a masculine library suite with dark wood tones and sumptuous fabrics such as wool, velvet and silk. If you look at leaves on a plant you can see the various green shades that exist harmoniously together. Carney first discusses the importance of improving corporate disclosure of climate-related risks and opportunities.

Carney acknowledges the high rate of disclosure, but suggests that a necessary next step will be to make such disclosures mandatory. In addition, a joint task force is considering an appropriate route to mandatory disclosure of such risks.


Aside from these UK efforts, there has been considerably less interest in mandatory disclosure internationally. Carney clearly presents his view that every country should introduce similar requirements. The second necessary step change, according to Mr.

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Future changes in policies, technologies, and physical risks will likely lead to a significantly altered economic environment, and prompt reassessments of asset valuations worldwide. As a result, Mr.

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Carney believes that firms that embrace this change will thrive, whereas firms who fail to adapt at the necessary pace will struggle, or even cease to exist. He also points to the fact that the BoE will be the first regulator to stress test its financial system against different climate pathways — a policy intended to bring climate-related risk awareness to the heart of the UK financial system.

As with disclosure however, Mr. Carney opines that, for any meaningful impact to occur, this stress testing must occur on a global basis, and not be confined to the UK system. As the final improvement, Mr.