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Author links open overlay panel Cyril Tomkins Roger Groves. Abstract It is the contention of this paper that accounting researchers have been dominated in thier research methodology by methods supposedly adopted from the natural sciences. Recommended articles Citing articles 0.

The Everyday Science Sourcebook: Ideas for Teaching in Elementary and Middle School

By Lawrence F. NSTA Press.

Arlington, VA. Remember that feeling the first time you walked into a candy store, where there was such a great variety of different wrapper colors, sizes, shapes, and wonderful smells? That is what I felt when I opened this ideal everyday science source book.

I was taken back in time as I became, once again, that wide-eyed kid, but of course instead of munching on sugar, I munched on words--many of them. There are over a thousand different ideas for labs, demos, examples, and ways to show your students science processes.

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I was truly blown away at the quality of the hands-on experiments, all tied into the Benchmarks for Science Literacy and National Science education Standards. It has step-by-step directions to complete investigations, tidbits of information, and gems of graphs.