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Piloted bv'Taaueans. Tha Wk la a fanolful and about aa Intelliaioi as a drum. The reader also will suspect that th author herself realize th ahaurditv nr.

Not even th t title, which seeks to classify It beyond the puesieuiiy oi aitaca. The book, tn a word, nreeenta nUnHM scenic suggestions for a cemio opera, the characters aad situations would lend themselves well to farce,, but further man tnia, tne story has little value. There are a few sage remarks, but they are out of place; there Is a lively love story, but It Is rendered ridiculous. There ts a mystery, but It la too much like the mystary of a child's fairy tale. The author shows herself to be capable of far better things than this and It is really too bad on her account tnat tnis dook na got abroad.

Petx, the bear, and other. There are Vilas, witch-creatures and - enchanter and dragons; the familiar stories of the hated youngest brother who always proves the hero of the tale. The book is a treasure house of these stories, differing from the ordinary fairy-tale books in that It Is simpler in language ana New York: Chartea Bcrlbner s well Illustrated.

Thes book ar rub. The stories of heroes of ancient and modern times are recited by Hamilton W.

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It la bv no mean futile tn- Its effort to show that love can. Ther ar other Incidents In the book, all of them interesting, some of them mildly satirical, but all oorcb'ne to war! Lowell' Diplomacy. Tha Illustrations In color are by Frederick Richardson. New York: D. Rich mond. Is a bright aad good-humored story, which recites the Incidents befall lng a family left temporarily, to their own resources. In the absence , of the father and mother. Household dlfflcul land, just the thing to read and ehow at I ties present themselves for solution and that difficult tired, restless half hour be- I occasion not a little anxiety and no few fore the Sandman maaes nis reunos.

The boys and girl that figure as principals in tne taie are a wnoiesome. Thar 1 uener a Die to writ a. Is now cast away on a desert1 laland with a volume of "Robinson Cru soe" as a guide. The book Is called "Des ert Island.

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New York: Long mans, Green ft Co. Miss Lou Is Seymour Houghton adds a delightful book to the collections of folklore that have become so valuable.

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She bas sketched in a background of peasant vll lege life aa It still exists In Southern Russia. She tells of the 'family of the Star-oata. It covers its subject thoroughly. New York: Moffat. Th aa- Yard ft Co. I Lhor- h thl latest volume, disclose his u-um. L f:'punahln" a good any mischievous, healthy-minded Tad in a oftt ChriVher aiF orphan it" U" V"? It la not "dry" reading, but on.??? As Miss Th Rev. Alfred J. Noaa Glasses 'and Spectacles. Th au- Plres. It ts based upon the standard J""'. Schwarts, whose "Vassar Studies" will be pleasantly re membered by a number of young readers.

The present book Is divided Into four sections, each dealing with some characteristic event of a year at college freshman, sophomore. Junior and senior. Elinor IS orfiy one 01 a number or gins pictured in me dook. If those who have foUowed with Interest the "Brenda series" Imagine that the lovely heroine ceased to have a story value when she married, they will find In Brenda's Ward" ample reason for chang lng their opinion.

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Brenda Is as charm- ThTv were not at crowded ypfe. She describes the village ceremonies, the household duties, the old grandmother spinning In her room ana teuuig ionc w m little boy. The stories are au ciotnea tn th simple language In which they are told to-dav bv many a village fireside in South Slavonla.



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Lincoln arose, straightening himself as well as he could. But for the benignant eyea. His voice was clear without being strong. He was easy and perfectly self-possessed. The great audience received him la utter silence, and the July sun bent mercilessly upon his bare head. I confess I Inwardly laughed at him: onlr the laugh was aulte a much at th political manager, who had led him out against Mr.

Nevertheless I gave nJm attention. Ten minutes I quit laughing. He waa getting hold of me. The pleasantry, the sincerity, the confidence, the amazingly original way of putting things, and the simple, unrestrained manner withal, were doing their perfect work; ana tnen ana mere -i Hmnrwuf an aid theorv that tA be a speaker ene must needs be graceful and! The Macmlllan Company.

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