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More info: Instagram. My daughter had then started visiting and volunteering at our local shelter. At first, she struggled immensely with being around animals with her disorder.

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The sights, sounds, smells all overwhelmed her so much, that she was really hesitant about going back, even though she loves animals. After a few adjustments, she was able to find her niche among the animals, especially cats. After a while, she had gotten to the point where wanting a cat was more than just a wish, so I told her to do some research and see if there was a type of cat that would fit well into our family good with children, other pets, friendly, etc.

I told her that after her research, we would do our best to see if a cat came into a shelter that matched whichever type of cat best fit those requirements. After her research, she came to me with a list of top 5 breeds that would match those personality traits. Guess what her number one choice was… a Sphynx. I have to admit, when she said that, I had an almost immediate negative reaction to that.

I suppose from the portrayal of Sphynx cats in movies and on TV Mr. Not to mention, she had a compelling presentation complete with a website about Sphynx cats she made. Unfortunately, we were told the likelihood of a Sphynx coming into the shelter was almost zero. We reached out to as many shelters in our area as we could, and we were told the same thing.

I let her know I would check our local classifieds and would see if anyone posted on there about a Sphynx. Unknown to her, the cat was pregnant, so she was looking for homes for the kittens. I had never seen a Sphynx in person, but I promised my daughter and myself that I would have an open mind when going to visit.

All I can say is… it was love at first sight. This was when Ollie our Sphynx boy joined our family. His big bug eyes melted my heart, and his jumbo ears put a smile on my face that I could not get rid of. I knew right away that he would join our family. Since Ollie joining our family, my daughter has literally gotten a new lease on life. Her symptoms seemed to decrease tenfold. She immediately bonded with him and has become his number one fan.

She takes care of him beyond what I thought was possible, and for the past almost 3 years, has been there for him beyond just an owner and pet, she is literally his mom. She bathes him, feeds him, talks to him, plans all his birthday celebrations, holds him when the weather is bad and tells him daily how amazing he is. After having Ollie for a while, my daughter again started asking for a kitty companion for Ollie, as she felt like he would love to have another cat to keep him company.

This was when Snowy came into our family.

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My daughter had been volunteering at her shelter and let me know about this little white mangy kitten with two different colored eyes. I let her know we would visit her, and again, we fell in love and immediately adopted her. Unknowingly to us, Snowy had a genetic condition that would sadly end her life quicker than we knew.

We had only had Snowy for several months when suddenly one day she was extremely lethargic and her nose started looking very pale. I rushed her to our vet, where we were told to take her to the emergency vet. We were told it was a genetic condition, and there was nothing we could have done to save her. We were devastated, and beyond heartbroken. After some time, we decided we would look again, but this time we would once again check our local classifieds to see if we could get another Sphynx.

Ollie was having a very tough time after losing Snowy, so we knew we wanted another companion for him. From photos on the classified, it was really hard to see the kitten, so I ended up going to visit, and saw that it was a little pink kitten with two different colored eyes!

The hair on my arms stood up as soon as I saw her. It was like a little hairless version of Snowy! Needless to say, this little pink girl ended up being… Rosie! She fit in almost seamlessly as soon as we brought her home, and you could see the happiness returning to Ollie quickly after she came home. After some time, Rosie and Ollie had their first litter of kittens, and as much as we wanted to keep all the babies, we knew that it was our time to let other people feel the love that we felt when we got our babies.

Rosie and Poppy bonded early on, so we knew that she would be staying with us. Rosie and Ollie brought so much happiness to us, that I decided to start an Instagram page for them. Seeing the mainly positive reactions to their photos makes my daughters smile knowing their babies can bring happiness to others too. I hope that Sphynx cats will be shown in their true nature as loving, silly, smart, and kind, instead of being portrayed in the exact opposite light.

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So a year ago, she joined the army of Bored Pandas as a Community Manager and have been fighting the boredom ever since. Her mission is to shine a spotlight on talented artists and inspiring stories I would have thought that someone who advocated and supported pet adoption that they would have had their cats fixed. I am pleased that they found what suited their family and it wasn't based on looks, but for many these cats are a fashion statement, and I hope the resulting kittens didn't land up been one.

I can assure you that the babies went to homes that I made sure were the best fit for them and the new families. If you notice your cat has become listless and low-energy, it could be a sign that he would benefit from having a feline pal around. However, a feline friend may not be the only solution, Krieger points out.

watch Your kitty may simply need more interaction with her human companions, or more enriching toys to keep him busy. Introducing a second cat into the home should be a careful, gradual process. Also, when choosing a second cat, make sure she has a similar temperament and energy level to your first cat. All Rights Reserved.

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