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You're not signed in. Only registered users can comment on this article. Sign in Register. West Brom and Bristol City were also linked. Brentford have agreed a deal to sign Amiens attacker Saman Ghoddos. Middlesbrough are plotting a move for Fleetwood Town winger Wes Burns. Tuttomercatoweb report that Bristol City are keen on Bologna midfielder Adam Nagy and that the interest is reciprocated.

Adam Nagy Bristol City interest in midfielder, he likes idea of move, current club happy to sell. Middlesbrough are the latest club to show an interest in signing Newcastle United target and Bournemouth player Jordon Ibe on loan this summer, according to the Sun. All in at training. Hoping for deals. And what I understood for in that meeting, the meaning of stalemate was the security assistance would not come. Daniel Goldman: You also described in your opening statement a discussion you had about President Trump being a businessman who wanted to have people pay up before signing the check and what did you understand that to mean?

Ambassador Sondland is a businessman. And by that he clearly meant that President Trump was thinking about or had in front of him the possibility of providing security assistance to Ukraine. Bill Taylor: It was similar to writing a check to someone who you were about to send.

He used that analogy very clearly to indicate that this would require something if that person owed him something before he signed the check, he wanted to get whatever he was owed, paid back to him. Ambassador Volker used very similar language about a week later, which indicates to me that they had that conversation as well. They owed appreciation for the support and they were getting support and they appreciated that, but there was nothing owed to president Trump on that.

Daniel Goldman: But you understood the upshot of this comment made by both Ambassador Sondland and Ambassador Volker to be that President Trump believed that Ukraine owed him something personally.

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Is that accurate? That he had a feeling of having been wronged by the Ukrainians, and so this was something that he thought they owed him to fix that wrong. Daniel Goldman: Right. But what he was talking about as you understood it, because in the context of the conversation is that what he owed him were these investigations that he won, is that right?

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Bill Taylor: That would have been to fix the wrong. Daniel Goldman: And those investigations into the election and Biden and Burisma. Is that what you understood the facts to be? Goldman, what I can do here for you today is tell you what I heard from people. And in this case it was what I heard from Ambassador Sondland. He described the conditions for the security assistance and the White House meeting in those terms that were dependent upon, conditioned on, pursuing these investigations. Daniel Goldman: And you heard that from Ambassador Sondland himself, correct? Daniel Goldman: And you also heard a similar story from Mr.

Morrison as well. Bill Taylor: Who also talked to Ambassador Sondland about the conversations that he had had in Warsaw with Ukrainians. Daniel Goldman: And what Mr.

Morrison recounted to you was substantially similar to what Mr. Sondland recounted to you, right? Bill Taylor: Yes. It was your clear understanding, was it not? That in early September when the pressure campaign was still secret that the Ukrainians believed that they needed to announce these public investigations?

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Goldman I know that the Ukrainians were very concerned about the security assistance. And I know that they were prepared or preparing to make a public statement that is with a CNN interview, that was being planned. Those are the two pieces that I know. Daniel Goldman: And that CNN interview was to announce these investigations as you understood it. Bill Taylor: That was the implication. That was certainly the implication. We were preparing, and I agreed that the White House meeting was going to be an important step in US Ukrainian relations.

So in June and in early July, attempts to work out a way to get that meeting included a phone call. And so there were several conversations about how to have this phone call that eventually happened on July 25th. Daniel Goldman: And you described in your opening statement a July 10th white house meeting with a number of officials where Ambassador Bolton used the term that something was a drug deal. What did you understand him to mean in hearing that he said that, use this term drug deal?

Daniel Goldman: And was that in reference to a discussion in that meeting related to the white house meeting that President Zelensky wanted and in connection to the investigations? Bill Taylor: The context of that comment was the discussion that Mr. Danylyuk, who was Mr. And that conversation was very substantive. Up until the point where the White House meeting was raised and Mr Ambassador Sondland intervened to talk about the investigations.

It was at that point that Ambassador Bolton ceased the meeting, closed the meeting, finished the meeting, and told his staff to report this meeting to the lawyers. So it was in the implication was it was the domestic politics that was being cooked up. Daniel Goldman: And did Ambassador Sondland say this in front of the Ukrainian officials to your understanding? Bill Taylor: Ambassador Sondland in the meeting where Ambassador Bolton was having a conversation with his counterpart, raised the issue of investigations being important to come before the white house meeting that had just been raised.

Daniel Goldman: And Ukrainian officials were there? Bill Taylor: And Ukrainian officials were in that meeting, yes sir. Daniel Goldman: Now, around this same time in mid July, did you have any discussions with Ukrainian officials about these investigations? Daniel Goldman: Well, let me show you a text message that you wrote on July 21st where you wrote it again to Ambassadors Sondland and Volker. And if you could just read what you wrote here on July 21st.

Bill Taylor: Gordon, one thing Kurt and I talked about yesterday was Sasha Donylyuks point that President Zelensky is sensitive about Ukraine being taken seriously, not merely as an instrument in Washington domestic reelection politics. Bill Taylor: … early as an instrument in Washington domestic reelection politics.

Daniel Goldman: What did you understand it to mean that Zelensky had concerns about being an instrument in Washington domestic reelection politics. Danyliuk understood that these investigations were pursuant to Mr. This was very well-known in public.