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Condition: Good. Dust Jacket Included.

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A Writer's Autobiography published by Geoffrey Bles, In good condition with dustwrapper. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller 1.

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Published by Geoffrey Bles About this Item: Geoffrey Bles, First Edition. No dust jacket. Blue cloth boards. Shipping is free starting March Follow Simplemost on Facebook. Kaitlin Gates , Simplemost.

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Snapchat icon A ghost. Got more faith in him than any ane I ever knew. I wouldna trust mon on God's footstool, if I had to lose faith in Jimmy. Both men loved Mary, Dannie accepted losing out to his friend despite the pain he suffers daily for it "life has been Hell's hottest sweat-box fra me these fifteen years" , but if he knew the secret of how Jimmy convinced Mary to marry him there would be hell to pay.

Stratton-Porter's biographical information states that she was completely self-taught as writer and it shows, in the best possible way.

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There's a ramshackle zestiness about the storytelling which would have been ironed out at a writing school, the highly phonetic dialogue tidied up. Friendship, lies, and questionable redemption. My mother introduced me to Stratton-Porter many years ago when she asked me to find her a copy of Freckles because she loved the story in her childhood. I bought her an old copy of the book on eBay that I gave to her as a gift. Ever since then, I have always bought any Stratton-Porter book I find at a used bookstore.

At the Foot of the Rainbow is about two close friends that love the same woman. The two men are the closest of friends despite their feelings about the woman. One man is honorable and hardworking and the other is lazy, selfish and a drunk. The lady ends up marrying the dishonorable man even though she loved the honorable one.

She married the drunk because he lied to her about the feelings the honorable man had for her lies and misunderstandings, that could have been easily resolved with a minimal bit of effort by one of the main character, are not a good foundation for a story. The books tells the story of the three friends after 15 years of marriage, friendship and inevitable trials in such an unusual situation. As with all of Porter-Stratton books there is a happy ending to this story. The situation between the two men was a little strange in that the dishonorable man abused the relationship repeatedly even though the honorable man seemed to almost worship him.

She was a self-taught naturalist and made a deal with her publisher that she would write one book based upon her observations of nature and the next would be a fiction book with elements of nature. When you read her books you understand very quickly that she has a great love and understanding of the outdoors. It was also mention in her life sketch that when she created characters she chose to portray them with high morals and character. She stated that too many writers write about the worst part of people and life, while she deliberately chose to write about the best of people.

This is the third book by Stratton-Porter that I have read and it was my least favorite one. May 12, Karen rated it liked it Shelves: mom.

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Oh what a trial this book was for me! I absolutely loved the ending and the plot of the book was great. Aug 14, Roweena Rickman rated it really liked it. This is now a movie available on Amazon Prime!! Also available in DVD form through Amazon. I watched it a couple weeks ago, it's produced independently, I read, and filmed in Indiana, near the home of the late author. You can tell it's produced on a low budget, but still good. Follows the book very closely. Very good book. I found the story and characters entertaining. An 's love triangle.

A secret is involved that the reader knows but not all of the characters know. A happy ending. Apr 25, Jaime rated it it was amazing.

follow link I adore everything Mrs. Porter wrote! The thick Scottish was hard to read at first but you soon begin to flow with it. It was a little slow starting for me, I even nearly quit it like I had years before in my teens , but near the end I couldn't put it down! I adore the beauty Mrs. Porter describes for us and how we always get our happy ending! I finished it, but this one was just too much for me.

The Foot of the Rainbow: A Writer's Autobiography Summary

Like Steinbech with a happy ending? Feb 21, Kellyn Roth rated it liked it Shelves: christian-fiction , books-for-adults , books-for-teens , classical-reads. Though definitely not my favorite, a definitely worthwhile read. Read my more detailed review here. Shelves: gene-stratton-porter. I didn't like this particular book as much as I have other Gene Stratton-Porter novels.

It wasn't resolved to my satisfaction and I think it had rather a cynical viewpoint. Gene always wrote well, though, so even though I didn't care for the story, I'm glad I read the book. Aug 05, Naomi Brignola-van calster rated it liked it Shelves: classics. Kind of sad and frustrating but also sweet. I liked the Irish accent and the way Dannie is a true and loyal friend.

Also the ending: just because it's true doesn't mean you have to say it. Still, I wouldn't read it again. Too frustrating and sad ;. Jul 10, Rachel rated it liked it. I enjoyed the little biography at the beginning of this book about Gene Stratton-Porter more than the story itself but the story is also enjoyable.

Not one of my favorites of Porter's but still, a good read. Nov 13, Michelle Wardhaugh added it.

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Definately not one of her best. It does show she didn't view all human relations through rose tinted glasses. I've read Girl of the Limberlost several times and found it thoroughly enjoyable, but this one The writing is verbose and sentimental. Wonderful love story love all her books this one the dialect takes getting used to.