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Is this a RAK Download gifted to someone else? Eastwards H. In areas where it resembles Euploea the butterfly has usually been designated a Batesian mimic.

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Males are also very territorial and site fidelity increases with age. After selecting a plant which has no ants on it, she lays at least one but often two to five eggs on the undersides of the leaves. Race bolina breeds on Sida rhombifolia , [9] Elatostemma cuneatum , Portulaca oleracea , Laportea interrupta , [10] Triumfetta pentandra , [11] and Asystasia species.

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Other hosts include Elatostema cuneatum , Fleurya interrupta , Pseuderanthemum variabile , and Synedrella nodiflora. They are also known to feed on Urtica dioica and Malva species. After about four days the eggs hatch. The caterpillars immediately disperse.

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They are black with an orange head. The last segment is also orange. The head bears a pair of long branched black horns. The body surface is also covered with long, branched, orangish black spines. These spines look whitish and transparent immediately after moulting , but soon become the usual orange. In later instars the spiracles are surrounded by thin, dirty orange rings.

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  4. Infection by Wolbachia bacteria is known to exclusively kill male specimens. The pupa is suspended by just one point.

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    It is brown with a grey tinge on the wings. The abdominal segments have distinct tubercles. The surface of the pupa is rough. The butterfly emerges after seven to eight days as pupae female development is always a bit longer. On the Samoan Islands of Upolu and Savai'i , a parasite probably Wolbachia had been killing the male members of Hypolimnas bolina.

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    Listed alphabetically: [2]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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    Linnaeus , A Synoptic Catalogue of the Butterflies of India. PLoS Biology. Sheppard Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological Sciences.

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    Fauna of British India. Butterflies Vol.

    Lepidoptera Indica. London: Lovell Reeve and Co.

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