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Steiner also serves as the chair of the Immigration Advisory Committee at NCI, the largest community development organization in Texas, serving nearly , individuals. Salon published an excerpt from Professor Geoffrey S. The Houston Chronicle quoted Professor Dru Stevenson re: the case of a local man facing a federal trial for alleged cyber stalking.

Professor Josh Blackman is quoted in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette re: the ability of the Supreme Court to function with only eight justices. Gerald Treece re: the dismissal of the indictment against former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Guter re: a potential change to law school accreditation standards dealing with bar exam passage rates. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Houston Style Magazine quoted Dean T.

District Judge Lynn Hughes. Salon quoted Professor Josh Blackman re: the possibility of repealing the Second Amendment as proposed by gun control activists. Junior College quoted Professor Josh Blackman re: the likely political tussle of confirming a Supreme Court justice in an election year. Gerald Treece re: a second rejection by a federal judge to block Syrian refugees from resettling in Texas. Business Insider interviewed Dean T. Alito Jr.

The Houston Chronicle quoted Prof. Geoffrey S. Constitutional Convention. Corn is quoted. Bloomberg BNA quoted Prof. Josh Blackman in a story about how celebrities help to spotlight the U.

Houston College of Law Prof. The Yahoo! News quoted Prof. Josh Blackman regarding an email from the mayor of Rosenberg referencing prayer. Gerald Treece re: the large number of death sentences voided in by the Texas appellate courts.

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Corn about Army Sgt. Corn on the arraignment of Bowe Bergdahl. The Christian Science Monitor , Yahoo!

News , Newswire and Fusion News quoted Prof. Corn on the arraignment of U. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl on military charges. Guter and Prof. Reuters and Yahoo! News quoted Houston College of Law Prof.

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Corn in an article re: the arraignment of Bowe Bergdahl on military charges. KUT Radio interviewed Prof. Christopher S. Josh Blackman about how political maps are drawn. Houston Style Magazine quoted Prof. T Gerald Treece re: the resettlement of six Syrian refugees in Texas. Geoffrey Corn re: prosecutors attempt to force a retrial in the abuse case of a Houston physician.

Homan: Everything illegal on the southern border is ran by the cartels

Vinh Ho is quoted in a Fox 26 news story regarding the defacing of election campaign signs. Both articles quoted Prof. Catherine Greene Burnett. Gerald Treece about a future ruling by the U. Josh Blackman regarding the U. KUT News Modern Healthcare quoted Prof. Amanda Peters regarding a case in which the family of a teen killed by an off-duty officer asks a new grand jury to investigate.

Traffickers at the El Chapo trial say drugs aren't smuggled through open parts of the border

Amanda Peters on the indictment of bikers involved in a shootout in May between rival motorcycle gangs. Reuters quoted Prof. PBS Newshour interviewed Prof. Josh Blackman about the growing immigration policy divide.

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October Prof. Dean Donald Guter , along with 10 retired U. September Dean Donald Guter , along with 10 retired U. Amanda Peters is quoted in the Houston Chronicle concerning the fatal car crash in Montgomery County. Geoffrey Corn reviews the book Legitimate Targets? Al Jazeera TV interviews Prof. Geoffrey Corn on the Bowe Bergdahl case Prof. Matthew Festa and his work is referenced in the urban planning website, Planetizen.

The Houston Chronicle cites Prof. Matthew Festa is quoted in the Houston Chronicle regarding city laws on cell phone use in school zones Prof. Faculty in the News. September August In May, when someone at a Trump rally in Florida recommended shooting people who arrive at the border, Trump let out a chuckle as the crowd cheered. He explains that some of his previous cases appeared to start out well, with Reese asking questions without a tone of obvious skepticism.

Seated next to his client, the attorney would feel his hopes momentarily rise. Goddamn it! A case could go either way, right? Emails and calls to her friends, family, and church members requesting interviews went unanswered or were declined, so I scour the internet and newspapers for the broad outlines of her biography. I learn that after graduating magna cum laude in from the Southern University Law Center, in Baton Rouge, Reese was hired immediately as an attorney for the Immigration and Naturalization Service , a precursor to ICE, where she worked until she was appointed judge in Poking around on Facebook, I also discover that Reese is an ordained pastor at St.

Serving as an immigration court judge is not easy. The courts are notoriously backlogged—there are currently nearly , cases waiting to be heard —and the Trump administration is pushing judges to close cases quickly. Afsaneh Ashley Tabaddor, a judge in Los Angeles, can speak to the media in her capacity as the president of the National Association of Immigration Judges, which has long sought for the creation of an independent court.

During asylum hearings, judges listen to personal testimonies, which they check against the human-rights reports issued by the US Department of State for the home country of the asylum seekers. Are they able to answer questions outside of the four corners of their story? If a judge concludes an asylum seeker is not credible, their application will be denied. I ask Tabaddor about the vast disparities in asylum grant rates among judges. She acknowledges that each judge has a unique philosophy and perspective that they bring to the bench, and that it is therefore important to have judges with a diversity of backgrounds.

But she emphasizes that each asylum case is also unique, with its particular set of circumstances and facts, and that broad comparisons between judges ignore this reality. Is there a number that you would be happy about? Would you be happy in a court where somebody made up that number? She wears a black robe, pearl necklace, and Fitbit on her wrist and has wavy, shoulder-length hair parted on the side that frames her round face.

I am ushered to the rear bench after Luis enters, so my view is of the back of his head, which is covered with short white hair. He is dressed in a bright orange jumpsuit, with chains around his ankles, waist, and wrists. At the beginning of the hearing, when his asylum application is presented, he has to maneuver awkwardly to sign the paper. Through a Spanish interpreter, Luis says that he and his father had a contract to grow tobacco for export with the Cuban government, but in they decided to grow only fruits and vegetables for local markets.

Several months later, his father suffered a heart attack and died.

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He was later locked up a second time and warned that he would be put on trial for speaking out against the government. Oestry takes over the questioning. He notes that Luis had filed for a US tourist visa in , which had been denied. On the application, he listed his brother as a US citizen, wrote that he was an engineer, and that he had previously traveled to Panama.